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Welcome to Clappercast’s Bench! Don’t worry, we’re keeping it nice and warm.

We are an NHL podcast and blog comprised of two passionate hockey fans who want to share our thoughts on the greatest sport on Earth!

Clappercast’s hosts, Sean and Burke, are both lifelong NHL fans. We both spend a perfectly reasonable amount of time keeping up-to-date on the NHL. Although Sean is an Edmonton Oilers fan and Burke is a Washington Capitals fan, we don’t let team fandoms get in the way too often!

Clappercast is focused on all things National Hockey League related, including NHL trades and trade deadline coverage, NHL news, contracts, free agent signings, and our hot takes on the state of the league. We love it when things kick off around the league so we can break down the best and most interesting stories in our NHL podcast.

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Featured Content

Can’t forget one of the biggest hockey events of the year, however, as we love to talk about the World Junior Classic each New Year. Check out our thoughts on the 2020 World Juniors here.

Hindsight is 20/20, right? Now is a great time to check out our Team Preview Series from before the 2019-2020 NHL season started! It’s always fun to see what people thought before the puck actually drops.

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