About Us

Clappercast is a podcast and occasional blog hosted by two passionate hockey fans, Burke and Sean. After meeting in university and spending hours of time ‘studying’ by talking and joking around about hockey and the NHL, we decided to put our brains together and make a podcast out of it as a hobby project.


Currently lighting it up from the blue line in beer league, Burke got his start in baseball but added in hockey because what else do you do in Canada? Burke brings in some knowledge from the rink, as a player and a ref, to mellow out the hot takes a little bit. As a Washington Capitals fan, he knows the bitter disappointment of getting defeated the same way repeatedly. But, now how sweet victory is when you get there as well.

Hockey Career Highlight: Was a perfect 3/3 in penalty shots through his minor league career, so you know, don’t trip him up on a breakaway.


After retiring from hockey at the ripe old age of 9 following a successful career spanning 3 Initiation Levels of minor hockey (even scoring a goal once or twice), Sean settled in as a die hard fan and EA NHL game player to fill the void and free time found with not actually playing. He is a lifelong Edmonton Oilers fan, and as a result, is the duo’s resident team rebuilding expert.

Hockey Career Highlight: Playing a game at Rexall Place (then Skyreach Centre) in his last season. Yes, the early 2000’s Oilers were low on cash but this was for a minor league game. Not the NHL team trying to save money.

Now that about covers us. Wanna hop on our bench? Don’t worry, we’re keeping it nice and warm. Check out our latest podcast episodes here.

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